New Polymers & Composites Product Line Formally Opened

The Meggitt Xiamen team was proud to officially open their new polymer manufacturing capability on 25th September 2018. Meggitt CEO, Tony Wood and Chairman, Sir Nigel Rudd, were in Xiamen along with other members of the Meggitt Board and some of our major customers to celebrate this important strategic milestone for the business. The new product line will manufacture a range of polymer seals for aerospace customers, accounting for 50% of the total manufacturing output of the Xiamen facility.

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Meggitt Xiamen supporting Meggitt Polymer & Composites (MPC) in China

Our team at Meggitt Xiamen have just completed the transfer of a range of 46 Polymer Parts from our sister company at MPC in Oregon, USA supporting MPC & Meggitt’s global manufacturing strategies. Both teams worked closely to ensure that all transfers were completed on time and within budget following our documented Work Transfer Process (WTP) and supporting our end customer requirements. This package further increases the utilisation of our China manufacturing facility where we are expecting to see total volumes increase by 20% during 2018, and further re-enforces the growing partnership between Meggitt Xiamen and sites we are supporting within MPC.

Striving for Gold Standard Customer Service at Meggitt Xiamen!

In late 2016 Meggitt Xiamen launched its Customer Service Development Programme (CSDP) supporting our strategic objective of delivering MPS Gold Standard levels of customer service to our internal and external customers. We put together a Customer Service Council comprising of representatives from different functions within the business with the immediate objective of trying to identity what best practice customer service really looks like. We began to develop our plans supporting our vision: ‘We are Meggitt Xiamen and proud to work together to deliver unrivalled performance and service to all of our customers, all of the time’.

One of our initial actions was developing a training programme which involved all of our employees being trained as either; Customer Service Champions, Customer Service Leaders or Customer Service Practitioners depending on their roles within the business. We developed what we call a Customer ‘CARE’ manual outlining the desired behaviours we are looking to instil within our team which quickly developed into a number of CARE related activities including workshops, CARE recognition awards, sharing of CARE best practice and even an inter-Departmental quiz based on CARE principles.

A key element of our Programme is listening to our customers and using feedback to further improve. We have developed our Voice of Customer processes which now include an e-mail address ( which feeds directly into our Management level DLA and created an electronic system to record and track progress of any VOC’s we receive. We have also created metrics which are part of our DLAs for all Customer facing functions.

Encouragingly, we are beginning to see the fruits of our efforts and in 2017 received more formal positive VOCs from our customers than negative and also received 78% favourable feedback from the MXM team on our approach to customer service during the 2017 employee survey.

We haven’t achieved the elusive gold standard yet however are confident we will get there!

Our MXM Customer Service Council (Louis Wang, Christina Luo, Amanda Wang, Pope Cai & Garry Kong)

Senior Leadership from COMAC visit Meggitt Xiamen

A senior delegation from COMAC visited Meggitt Xiamen to better understand the capabilities Meggitt have developed in China and get to see how we are using the Meggitt Production System to drive improvement within our business.

Involved in the visit were Mr Wu Guanghui (Vice GM of COMAC & Chief Designer C919&ARJ21), Mr Tao Zhihui (CPO of COMAC) Mr Shen Weiguo (President of SAMC – Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Company & Assistant President of COMAC) Mr. Han Kecen (Vice President of SADRI – Shanghai Aircraft Design & Research Institute) and other senior leaders within COMAC.


Manufacturing Execution System now Operational in Meggitt Xiamen

Meggitt Xiamen has recently implemented its own ‘Manufacturing Execution System (MES) which is an intelligent system providing real time data to support production planning & resource management. Vincent Zeng, Manufacturing Manager of Meggitt Xiamen commented that ‘we are very pleased with the impact this visual system has made and are now hoping to we can roll out across other manufacturing modules’.