Senior Leadership from COMAC visit Meggitt Xiamen

A senior delegation from COMAC visited Meggitt Xiamen to better understand the capabilities Meggitt have developed in China and get to see how we are using the Meggitt Production System to drive improvement within our business.

Involved in the visit were Mr Wu Guanghui (Vice GM of COMAC & Chief Designer C919&ARJ21), Mr Tao Zhihui (CPO of COMAC) Mr Shen Weiguo (President of SAMC – Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Company & Assistant President of COMAC) Mr. Han Kecen (Vice President of SADRI – Shanghai Aircraft Design & Research Institute) and other senior leaders within COMAC.


Manufacturing Execution System now Operational in Meggitt Xiamen

Meggitt Xiamen has recently implemented its own ‘Manufacturing Execution System (MES) which is an intelligent system providing real time data to support production planning & resource management. Vincent Zeng, Manufacturing Manager of Meggitt Xiamen commented that ‘we are very pleased with the impact this visual system has made and are now hoping to we can roll out across other manufacturing modules’.