Management of work transfer

Since Meggitt Xiamen was established in 2004, we have successfully transferred thousands of products from our customers’ sites globally.

To ensure precision and excellence at every stage, we have adopted the robust work transfer processes developed by Meggitt. Our dedicated project management team will work closely with you, taking a systematic approach to product transfer.

Move your production to China more smoothly

We are extremely focused on delivering high levels of performance for you.

  • There is a robust ‘gated’ process, thereby maximising control at each stage.
  • At each phase, we will agree key objectives and deliverables with you, such as risk management, schedule adherence and cost control.
  • We take care of everything, from production engineering and planning through to logistics management.

Looking to produce your new products in China?

We will work closely with you throughout your design and development phase to ensure smooth and effective transition to manufacturing output. Our manufacturing engineers will also be on hand to help us make effective decisions at every stage.